Latin Dance is…

Social, Fun, Active, Different, Challenging, For Everyone

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Latin Dance Club

We are an open and welcoming community of dancers who want to share their love of latin dancing

Start your dance journey today

Join a beginners class where our friendly instructors will introduce you to the basic moves that are easy to understand and fun to learn.

Discover a new Latin dance style

Challenge yourself and try something a bit different at a Salsa, Bachata or Zouk class.

Improve your dancing

Refine your technique and take your dancing to the next level at an intermediate class.

Regular Latin dance socials are held every week which give you the opportunity to quickly put into practice everything you learn. Each venue has a great atmosphere and our local DJ’s play a variety of music that suit all levels of dancers and all styles from Salsa, Bachata, Zouk. 

If you have never danced before don’t be shy, come along and meet many friendly people from the dance community who will be happy to show you the basics to get your feet moving and your hips shaking.

Calories burned per hour
during dance
Latin Dance classes
every week
Latin dance styles
with many variations

Upcoming Events

Latin dance socials are regularly held throughout the month to give everyone a place to dance with great atmosphere for all levels of dancers from beginners to intermediate.